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We are excited and pleased about our new patio. We really enjoyed working with Darrell and the crew. Please tell him how much we appreciate the way he handled everything.
-Bill A.
Love, love, love my new yard. It is perfect timing as this weekend is our son's graduation and we have family coming in. Thank you again for taking care of us.

Sure, any "landscaper" can mow turf, install mulch and plant trees. But how many strive to return phone calls, build schedules, and show up on the days they promise (or call you if they can't) and complete your project on time? Casey Paulk does something that few contractors dare to even try: he looks at the concepts of sales, scheduling, production and post-construction customer service, all from the perspective of our clients. Our goal is to build your outdoor space and maintain your property in the way that's most advantageous and convenient for you. We strive to provide the very best process, not just the best product!

You can count on us to reliably show up each week on the same day, at the same time. We inspect your property for potential problems and propose innovative enhancements. We monitor your irrigation for efficiency and analyze your current water needs. We check your property based on quality control standards, document it with photos and present issues to you, rather than you having to point out the issues to us. We encourage you to take time to think about the potential of your property. You've already made a huge investment. Are you hiring the right company to manage and enhance your asset? If all you want is someone to mow your lawn when it needs it, then call the kid down the street who charges per cut. If you want someone to care for the health and appearance of your property, call Paulk Landscaping, Inc.


We Create and Maintain Beautiful Environments!

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